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Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 FX: A Complete Review and Tutorial

i want to thank you for all the awesome plugins and quality instruments youve provided over the years. ive been a fan of music for most of my life, and ive always admired the industry standard of steinberg. its great to be able to download some of your older awesome plugins again, and to use them. this is a great tool for anybody wanting to learn to play guitar. i was able to use the chords in a single, short recording session, and the results were fairly impressive. real guitar 2l works in exactly the same way as the virtual guitarist 2.

steinberg virtual guitarist 2 fx torrent

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i was always in the mood to add a little nitty-gritty sound to some of my songs. my first attempt at this was a cheap program from the 90's called guitarix (which sadly is now on its way out). i was able to get the guitar chords for free from a friend of mine, so i began to record the guitar chords in guitarix. the sound quality was pretty bad, but i got the basics of how to record a song. i had a lot of fun with this and played it to my students during guitar lessons. i decided to try a more professional approach and recorded guitar in a better sound studio. after a lot of practice and sound recording, i decided to get a midi keyboard and a little midi guitar to simulate what i was doing on my guitar. unfortunately, the midi guitar would not play well with the usb midi setup. i had some friends who used to be in bands suggest that i try vsts. i tried some of the cheaper vsts, but they could not playback in my sound card. i also tried the more expensive vsts, but they still could not play well. i was never very satisfied with the vsts, but i had fun trying them. i was looking for something free and easy to use, so i decided to try steinberg's virtual guitarist 2. i have been using this software to record guitar for about a month now and the results are great! my friend gave me the guitar chords and i used a midi keyboard to record and playback. i am very satisfied with this software, and i would recommend it to anyone looking for a very simple and easy to use program.


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