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Welcome Back Full Movie Hd 1080p ((EXCLUSIVE))

Hi folks, I am trying to get my head around a bizarre issue since I installed my new 7900XT this morning.MY primary display is a Samsung U32H85X 4k, 32 in monitor, which operates at native resolution (3840x2160) and is connected via displayport.I also use a Second monitor, which is a Sony Bravia 40in TV, which has a native 1080p resolution of 1920x1080). It is connected via HDMI (the only option)Everything was working just fine until I installed the new card this morning. Since then, the 2nd display compresses the vertical aspect of the image into the top half of the screen (see image1). Interestingly, when I take a screenshot, it misrepresents that everything is OK and shows how it SHOULD be, not how it IS!I have tried- autodetecting and applying recommended resolutions- disconnecting the second monitor, rebooting- rebooting again- reconnecting the monitor- reinstalling drivers- making sure that all old nVidia drivers were removed (and associated software), then reinstalling drivers- re-disconnecting, rebooting and reconnecting 2nd monitorHaven't yet run DDU (forgot as this is my first GC upgrade in almost a decade), but don't see it helping, I imagine this is a driver issue.Suggestions welcome

welcome back full movie hd 1080p

I have a 55" 3D tv "dont know if its related to 3D, do you have a 3D tv? Maybe 3d tv gives us this issue" and not only the split screen issue VSR dont even work, i get no more option than the native 1920x1080. Then i put the hdmi cable into my other sony tv native 1360x768 and i get fullscreen no issues at all. Even VSR works on it! This makes me wonder if its related to native 1080p resolution? I really strongly belive this is related to 1080p native displays/tv. if its 1080p native then you get issues. Do you get fullscreen when you use native 4k resolution on your 4k display? Do you see VSR working on your 4k? Can you also try to see if VSR is working on your other display that does not work by going into resolution in windows and see if you can change from 1080p to higher?

Now when i start windows i get split screen but i let it load fusion and then i go to the back of my tv and unplug the hdmi, wait for about 5 sec (don't plug it in to quickly) then plug it in again, now you should have full screen. Now it should not get split again. Only sometimes some games do split it again, but all games i ran worked without splitting the image, but only half life 2 did that until i chose borderless window in the game then it stopped splitting the screen.

I'll tell you why i think its doing this. 2 amazing things happened because of this. 1 i have full-screen 1080p and the other mind-blowing change is that now everything is 100% quicker when alt-tab from a game, it does it in a split second!!!! and the response on the mouse is mind blowing!!!!! Even with vsync it's amazing!!! i think disable wmi polling has done something amazing that i think so many people don't know about and will because of this info go crazy on this software and buy it! This is the most amazing thing that happened to me in gaming ever! The response on the mouse is making me believe i am dreaming! I just cannot believe it. Now the aiming in red dead redemption 2 is amazing, i can now finally aim!! So my theory why the screen splits on some TVs, is that when you don't have this amazing effect of wmi disable polling it takes time for the screen to update information to the GPU with black screen when you alt tab or change resolution,that results in some kind of de-sync, i don't know exactly, but I'm almost positive the split second alt-tab and overall response is enabling it to work because now there is no delay. You guys have to try this, and even people without split screen issue MUST do this trick to get the most amazing response time ever! Please test this out and confirm without doing the installation of drivers like i did, stick to your current drivers and try the trick with fusion first!! If this works for you too, we need to get the word out about this trick! I still feel like i am dreaming because of the overall response with mouse and-tab out of games.

Yeah i can confirm its not related to 1080p monitors! i have a old full hd 1080p TV and its working perfectly! Its because of 3D TVs i am almost 100%. Maybe something that can be fixed through software drivers, or its something else going on with the signal because of 3D TV even if 3D is not enabled. When i have it connected to my 3D TV i get a option in windows where you change resolution it says 3D and you can flick it to ON or OFF, when i do that i get full screen but its on 30 hz or 50 hz and it looks like **bleep** because 3D is on! So AMD is sensing the 3D tv and giving you the option in windows, i do not get that option with nvidia card and i have zero issue with nvidiacard with that TV. So there must be something going on with the signal from the card to 3D TV. Some kind of bug or something. We need to tell AMD about the 3D TVs, that it might be related to that.

So here's the kicker for me. When the PC boots up and it displays the initial BIOS/boot screen to the TV, it works perfectly fine. When it gets into windows, that's when it happens. The bootup resolution is always lower.Mine is a 2010 era 3DTV. So it's possible its related to that tech. I didn't try backing the resolution down to 720p yet, I may try that tonight. It's almost as if the TV is consolidating interlaced lines in the top half of the TV. Problem is it's not using interlaced at 1080p since that resolution is progressive only. It's definitely a refresh rate related issue. I remember older video cards had issues with flickering due to faulty RAMDAC's. I don't think this is that but perhaps its the driver misinterpreting how to send that data out of the HDMI port. Could be this is related to the higher than normal idle power draw when at least one of your monitors is higher refresh rate. Tonight ill try running it at 720p and also, unplugging all other displays except the TV to see if it isolates the issue at all.

As regular visitors to the site will know, the past year has been a tumultuous one for me, as post-operative problems following an operation on my foot have massively impacted on my mobility and physical wellbeing, and a string of serious health issues have meant that my ageing mother now requires 24-hour care, which my sister and I are committed to providing. This has meant that the site has gone from being an all-encompassing hobby to something I have to shoehorn into what little free time I can now find. More than once I've considered putting the site on hold, but it remains a welcome and necessary distraction, something I believe in and am able to focus on that is not connected to my day job, my stupid foot, or my mother's suffering. While she fitfully sleeps, I review a disc's special features, and when my sister moves into the driving seat I get to watch the films themselves.

Cost was certainly once a factor in the upgrade process. When I bought my full HD plasma TV it put a serious hole in my pocket, but even the cheapest TV you can buy now is at the very least HD ready and more than likely has a full 1080p display, and quality sets from reputable manufacturers have plummeted in price over the past five years. Speaking personally, I cannot remember the last time I visited a house that didn't have a flat screen TV in the living room, which means that most viewers have the expensive aspect of the HD upgrade in the homes already. Perfectly good Blu-ray players can now be picked up for little more than the cost of a couple of discs (multi-region players cost considerably more, but that's a subject for a different discussion), and being backwardly compatible can still be used to play all those DVD titles in your collection. It's also worth noting that a fair few of those who've not got around to buying a Blu-ray player may unknowingly have one in their possession in the shape of a PlayStation 4 or X-Box One gaming console, both of which are capable of playing Blu-ray discs using their built-in software.

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