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Literary Agents For Science Fiction Fantasy

Twenty years of experience in the publishing industry has led Laura to dominate her field. A literary agent at FinePrint Literary Management, she has worked with impressive publishers such as Columbia University Press. While she works prominently with academics, professors and researchers, she is keen on expanding her fiction list. Science Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy are the genres she is keen on acquiring. Send a query letter with synopsis, bio and the first 2 chapters (not exceeding 30 pages) pasted in the body of an email. You can write to Laura on this address.

Literary Agents For Science Fiction Fantasy

The Vice-President of JABberwocky Literary Agency, Eddie Schneider is relentless in finding and supporting new authors. A purveyor of great fiction and non-fiction, he has represented Hugo, Bram Stoker Award winners and New York Times bestselling authors. Marginalized voices, authors from different backgrounds and facing special challenges are also welcome by Eddie. For a new and amateur author, he would be a great agent to work with and one that allows you to flourish and develop. He is seeking literary fiction, fantasy, young adult, middle grade, science fiction, graphic novels, narrative non-fiction and history. Send the first 5 pages of your manuscript and paste them along with a query letter in the body of an email. Write to Eddie on this email address.

Working as an agent at Foundry Literary + Media, Jessica is getting her feet wet as a literary agent. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in passion and hard work. Engaging storylines, tight plots, one-of-a-kind works are things that attract her. She is using her dedication to provide best contracts, marketing, promotional support and guidance to writers in need. Jessica is looking to represent clients in fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy and commercial fiction. Read the submission guidelines carefully before sending your proposal. You can send a query via email to Jessica.

Writers can look at the world in a completely different manner than others and that is what intrigues Anne. Now at Janklow & Nesbit, she is looking forward to work with new, promising authors. Being their guide, friend, critic and mentor in a cut-throat publishing world is not an easy job. She makes sure their book and story gets the attention and audience it deserves without being overwhelming. Originally just a voracious reader, she decided to channel her hobbies into something constructive. The right literary agent can be the difference between a failure and a success and Anne is the right choice for several writers. Authors of fiction, science fiction, fantasy and commercial fiction can consider sending her a query. Find the submissions guidelines and email address mentioned on this page.

With award winning clients under his roster, Adam Schear knows how to succeed as a literary agent. Presently at DeFiore & Company, he has been there since 2009. Previous clients have also been long-listed for many prestigious awards and nominations. Fiction should have the ability to transport you into a different world and Adam wants his authors to do the same. He is seeking unique voices and stories in fiction, science fiction, young adult, fantasy and literary memoirs. Send a query letter, bio and the first 5 pages in the body of an email to Adam.

Working with a full service literary agency in Denver, Sara Megibow has 11 years of experience. Now at kt literary, Sara has been a staunch advocate of diverse, female, LGBTQ writers and always ready to give them a chance. Authors of middle grade, young adult, fantasy and science fiction can collaborate with her to achieve their dreams of becoming a published author. Using her knack of knowing what sells; she can make your story stand out among the sea of other books coming out every day. Read the submission guidelines mentioned on the website and then send an email to Sara outlining your proposal.

An associate agent at Red Sofa Literary, Erik Hane is also an editor. These two roles have enabled him to gauge literary talent among the pile of manuscripts on his desk. He can suggest how to compile your manuscript, how to market, where to target it and when to launch it. The essential part of being an agent is letting the author take the lead creatively while you handle the technical and business aspects. Erik wants stories with a strong focus on character development, plots and pace. Simple words will suffice to convey an interesting idea, according to him. He is acquiring fiction, science fiction, fantasy, realism, non-fiction, sports, history and current events. Find the submission guidelines and contact details mentioned on this page.

A writer and editor for almost 30 years, Dave decided to pursue another profile in the publishing industry. His skills translated comfortably into being a literary agent and he has worked with several successful authors and writers since then. As an agent at Wordwise Media Services, he can point out the parts of your book, writing and story that need work or polishing and present it in the best light to potential publishers and buyers. He is interested in authors and writers of career, reference, fiction, science fiction, historical fiction and fantasy. Read their extensive submission guidelines carefully before sending a query letter to Dave.

Hi Nono, thanks for your questions! We also advise authors to set up an author website and try to be active on social media. These are essential marketing strategies that can help you build your platform so you can sell more books when the time comes. Is your book a romance? If so, you can check out these romance literary agents :)

Hi Marc, thanks for your question! I would recommend settling on a primary genre first (sounds like fantasy in your case) and then choosing a more descriptive subgenre (for example, dystopian fantasy). Ready Player One is also categorized as LitRPG (literary role playing game). Would that apply to your book as well?

General Description: In her new role as agent, the goal is to identify the stars of tomorrow and help to place them at publishersGenres & Specialties: Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Business/investing/finance, Mind/body/spirit

General Description: young adult literature, and, as an agent, I'm eager to help bring fresh voices, characters and stories toGenres & Specialties: Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Children's books, African-American, Middle grade

General Description: ABOUT ME: I'm a literary agent and Vice President at Folio Literary Management, where I represent a diverseGenres & Specialties: Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Children's books, Horror

General Description: My goal as an agent is to create a healthy partnership with authors and publishers.Genres & Specialties: Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Young Adult, Magical Realism, Middle Grade, Historical Fiction, Cozy

General Description: Middle grade & young adult fiction; adult fiction including SFF. SUBMIT: Please, if you're querying a middleGenres & Specialties: Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Children's books, young adult, middle grade, adult

General Description: Each agent is dedicated to their authors evolving creative interests, personal ambitions, and intellectualGenres & Specialties: Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Young Adult

General Description: the right publisher and promoting the book after publication, we stand firm by our authors through it all.Genres & Specialties: General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, BiographyTrade References: author could ever hope for in an agent: they are experienced, dedicated, and highly professional.

General Description: Zack became a literary agent in September of 1993, joining the then recently formed Scovil Chichak GalenGenres & Specialties: General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy/science fiction, Biography, Business/investing/finance, History

General Description: work with the best talents in both fiction and non-fiction, from NEW YORK TIMES bestselling authors toGenres & Specialties: General fiction, History, Mind/body/spirit, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, pop culture, pop-science/psychology, cultural

General Description: As a New York based agent, she is eager to build her MG, YA, and Adult lists.Genres & Specialties: Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Contemporary and SF/F Middle Grade, Contemporary Young Adult, SF/F

General Description: publishing as an author as well as agent and development editor for more than two decades.Genres & Specialties: Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Reference, Biography, Computers/technologyTrade References: pacing and suspense of the best fiction, but is a true story, told with empathy and humor and wisdom.Special Experience: author, ghostwriter, literary agent and correspondent for numerous publications.

World Weaver is one of the most interactive small publishers in fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction today. With frequent author readings and con appearances, World Weaver wants to get to know you as much as you want to get to know them.

Jolly Fish, which opened its doors on 11/11/11, is a YA and middle grade fiction publisher of many genres, predominately science fiction, fantasy, paranormal/supernatural, and fairytale. Some of their books can be found in school libraries, and all can be found in major distributers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 350c69d7ab


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